Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun In The Snow...

....Ha! Or torture but who could really tell right?!

From the looks of things you can tell she was totally loving it...Not! This was a third attempt at playing in the snow and every time she has hated it...loathed it more like. But at least we tried right? But Im such a mean mom, I made her sit there so I could snap some pictures...poor baby:)

While playing, my friend said to me, "Well I think you girls are really made for Florida". A-freaking-men! Yes thats a fact, these ladies are definitely made for the beach. Although her friend Austin was pretty in love with the snow.

What a cutie he is!
 But I guess since he loves the snow and she hates it this really lessens their chances of getting married:) 

Truth be told, as Im sure everyone already doesnt bother me one bit that Elle Rae hates the snow. It just gives me one more thing to help convince Tyler to take us somewhere warm for residency...also known as Florida:) 

Flash Back.

No one can say she isnt clearly more happy in this picture....just sayin:)

Building Blocks

She got it! We have been working on stacking blocks for a really long time and today she finally did it! Who would have thought something as simple as stacking blocks would be a proud parent moment but it was for sure:) The past couple of weeks it seems like Nellena Rae has learned so much, its funny how that goes with kids. They learn a whole bunch of things really quick and then it seems like nothing else for a long time, then bam they bust out all these new things again. She can now do patty cake with all the actions, say shoes and yes, point things out in books when they ask her questions and she has started to dance:) She is really getting more and more fun everyday. Yesterday while she was running around in a diaper I made up a song called "no pants dance" and we had a grand'ole time dancing to that one! She is constantly bringing me her shoes and saying, "shoes, shoes" over and over...she ends up wearing them around the house a lot. She is also turning into quite the cuddle bug and I am loving it! Still not sure what im going to call these little entries any ideas...?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Great Day To Be A Mom

Some days its just a great day to be a mom....there are lots of in between days and some not so good days but every once in a while you have great days and they are the best! Nellena Rae has been so fun this week, and I think it would be a shame not to write down how totally in love I have been with her this week. Not that I dont love her everyday but this week has just been a good one. I have been thinking too... my good friend Carly, does a thing she calls "Tid Bit Tuesday" with her son and just writes down some of the things he has been doing whether good or bad. And lets be honest, they are lots of times when our kids make us crazy. So maybe they wouldnt always be the happiest posts but at least she will remember what he was like and he will know what he was like. So i want to try and copy her, I dont have a cute name for my posts yet but it will come. So, here we go! This week Elle Rae has done some pretty funny things. Its so fun to see her figure out new things all the time. But this week she has discovered the the garbage...YAY:( Lots of Sarcasm, yuck! Seriously, ugh?! So anyways she loves pulling things out and eating them or whatever. But one time in particular she wanted to cream cheese box i had just thrown away. She pulls it out, of coarse I say no and put it back in. A few minutes later I notice her running for her life down the in my your in trouble mom voice I said "did you get that box?!". So she runs faster, into my bedroom and to the far side of my bed. By the time I get there she is on her stomach backing herself under my bed almost to her shoulders now. All I could do was laugh:) How did she even think of that so quick, and note she has never hidden from me before besides peek a boo? That girl is too funny. As the week went on I noticed she is in a hiding faze. She tried to hide under my bed again with a DVD, then in the bath now she hides the wash rags and as many toys as she can under her butt...What? For real not making that up, its too funny, dont know where that came from! Then tonight while cleaning my kitchen I found babywipes and diaper cream in my mixing bowl...becuase obviously those go there and im sure I put them there, not. She also discovered this week how to open our doors and how fun it is to unroll the toilet paper. Today she also handed me my phone while I was in the shower, love my little helper...while some of these things make me crazy and soon i probably wont think they are at all cute anymore I just love that she is getting more interested in things. The best thing this week though is that she has cuddled with me! She used to be really cuddley when she was tiny but for a long time now she has just wanted nothing to do with it. Lots of people have told me that cuddle time would come back so I have been very anxiously one day she was a little bit sad so of coarse I turned on the Lorax. Then I just thought maybe I would try to cuddle her, and sure enough she layed by me on the couch, in a blanket for 20 minutes! Yes I timed it:) I was so scared to even move though i just layed there perfectly still. Since then she has cuddled with me two more times, so I am very excited to say I think cuddle time is back:) YAY! And that was for real happy yay:) 

A goal I have for me....Something Im trying really hard to do is not complain about Elle Rae. I catch myself and others with their kids all the time just talking about oh she is so grouchy, or didnt take a nap or this or that when the truth is I just love her whether she does everything perfect or not. So Im really trying to do better about that and just have fun with her even if everything doesnt go as "planned". So if you catch me complaining about her, call me out. 

So thats my first little post, anyone have a cute ideas for a name? Oh but I did decide Im going to do all of the posts about her in red so they are easier to find and that way when I have other kids(not soon so dont get excited) they can have a different color.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Knock Off Thursday

So Im always checking all the cute discount sites, I saw these cute pants the other day on Groopdealz and I fell in love with them. I almost just bought them on the spot, they were 8 dollars....but then I realized shipping was 4 bucks! Boo....

But they are just so cute right?! Then I thought to myself, these would be so easy to make! So, thanks to my lovely friend Leslie who suggested going to the Goodwill to look for a t-shirt to use for fabric....I found the perfect one! I used a pair of Nellena Rae's yoga pants for a pattern and whipped them together. Ok, my knock of thursday may have rolled a little into friday morning but only because Im too much of a perfectionist and had to re-do the waist. But here's how they turned out...pretty dead on right!    

The shirt had a GAP logo on the front so I just decided it would be cute on her little bootie:) Then I decided to add a little more flare to them with the pom poms...why not?

I had to make her sit on a box cause she wont stand there for five seconds for me to take a picture....but she is still super cute in her new pants:) Knock off Thursday, Nailed it!