Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Eternity and Beyond!

So today is our 4th anniversary and so far its been a great four years. Ive heard people say that the first 4 years are the hardest, that if you can make it that far you can make it all the way. Im not sure if I believe that or not, but either way yay for us for making it! Ive been thinking about being married in some funny ways as Ive been looking back. You can never know what you signed up for and no one can tell you because everyone is different and thats what makes marriage so interesting. Since we have been married we have gained, accomplished and lost things. We have traveled, stayed home, gone out, cried...for the good and bad and done so much more. Tyler lost his hair, I had a baby and lost my see these are all things you just didnt know you signed up for haha:) There are always really tough days, really great days and lots of in between days but looking back they have all been worth it. Something i just realized yesterday actually that really makes being married so fun is how long you still get to do "First's". Ill explain, you think after your first year of being married you have pretty much knocked out all of your "First's" together, but I am learning that "First's" will always be there and that makes it so much more fun. With each kid you will always have more "First's", every different stage we get to we are always trying new things. Something else thats funny about when you get married is all the things you have to accumulate that you never would have even imagined, and even when you thought you registered for EVERYTHING, you didnt. Perfect example, yesterday I made us our very first heat pack. What a weird random thing right? But somehow in four years a heat pack has always managed to slip through the cracks, but no more we are proud owners now! HaHa:) But those kinds of things are all just the things that make being married an adventure. But the thing that is the most important is sticking to your core. Here is another weird thing i came up with this year in thinking about all this. Check out this curtain,

Just a base white curtain, and so far it has hung in all of our homes just in different ways.

Same curtain, just with some additives.
And now lets spread it out one more time and come up with this one.

So pretty much what I learned from this curtain, totally silly i know, is that we have to keep our base together. When we get married its really clear why we did it and there is not really any complications. But then as time goes on, we grow, we add on, we mix things up and lots of changes happen. As long as we keep our base, our foundation, we will make it! There is a sign on our wall that says, "Forever, For Always, No Matter What!" Thats exactly what our foundation is, we started off with that motto and today its still our motto. I know we will go through really tough times but together we can do it. I just barely came back from Las Vegas, I was so worried about every little thing. That never happens to me. I finally figured out why, I wasnt going to have Tyler. It has been so long since I have really done anything on my own I wasnt totally sure anymore that I could. It's no wonder when old people pass away the spouse usually follows close behind, you literally can not survive without your other half. I am so grateful that I can say that I have that with someone, that is my best project yet! Tyler is the love of my life and i can not wait for all of the many adventures in our path, Happy Anniversary to us!

To Eternity, and Beyond!