Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Finished!

Oh my goodness people, I dont know why I get these crazy ideas. I come up with these projects and think, oh ya I can do this quick over the weekend....WRONG! Anyways, three weeks later, but my wall is finally finished! It felt so good to paint the last stencil because seriously, I thought I was really never going to finish. Thank you shout out to Kristen and Chrissy for helping me....and a big no thanks to all the other girls who didnt help me, BOO! Just kidding, but really, Kristen and Chrissy may not feel like they did very much but they helped me out a lot so thank you to both of you!

The supplies....yes I really did paint all of it with that tiny brush!

And now for the finished product ta da!

I love it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting SO Big!

Its crazy to think that Nellena Rae is nine months today, a little weird. That means in 3 months we will have a 1 year old....not so sure how I feel about that. It hit me today how big she has really gotten when the doctor told me we were going to have to get a new car seat because she is now too heavy for the infant seat, but im a little glad cause she really is getting too heavy to haul around in that thing. So for anyone who would like to know here are her stats. Weight, 19lbs 11oz 75%, height, 29in 92%(thats our tall girl), head 44.5cm 69%. She really is a monster! So as usual we did our normal photo shoot today, and ill tell you what it is getting very tricky. Here is how it went. 


So I did get a few good ones....then Daddy came in....


So she got distracted. And then it was time to just go crazy!


And then....


Goodbye sign:)

So, there you have it! Thats how well the photo shoots go these days. But to tell you the truth, the ones where she is causing trouble are my favorite! I love these month pictures because then I can remember about exactly how old she was when she starting getting more personality and learning new things. Which speaking of learning new things this little girl is on the verge or crawling! Finally...I know she can already do it she just doesn't want me to know. Ill come back from somewhere and she will be across the room from where she was. And today she crawled three times while taking these pics but stopped when she realized I knew, sneaky girl:) She wont be able to hide it forever! 

While I was getting these ready, I found a couple more pics Ive taken recently I just thought were cute so Ill share!


We love this outfit Grandma Ripp got here she is baben in it....

And oh yes, she has discovered the movies! Time to get baby proofing:(

I LOVE it when she gets so excited and just makes me smile:) Also these are my new favorite jammies of hers they are just too cute, they have Poodles on them and say Ooh La La....haha so classy:)

And here are just two great before and after pictures!

Anyways, Im done being so in love with my child now, just kidding, but really Ill stop now:)
Hope you enjoyed!