Sunday, November 25, 2012

Festivities & Birthday Suit!

The past week in the Haskell house has been nothing short of eventful, that is for sure! Matthew and Stephanie came into town with their 1 year old, Jack, and we had a blast. We did so many things and we wore those babies out everyday, really. We had lots of laughs, tears, screaming and good ole fun:) We also threw Nellena Rae her first birthday party and it turned out so cute, we had so much fun. It was so fun to watch Jack and Elle Rae together they have the cutest personalities. 
First things first, Matt and Stephanie got here last sunday and were totally wiped out from driving ALL night! So we took they day easy, lounged around and went to the park. It was really nice and warm, but then that famous Iowa wind picked up and made us all cold, good thing Elle Rae could barrow Jacks coat since we didnt bring hers....bad mom award....

They loved it, but hopefully one day Nellena Rae will stop wanting to eat all the sand.  

Best buddies:)

 Having these two together all week really was like having twins. They shared everything, snacks, sippy cups...followed each other everywhere, it was so much fun!

 Monkey Joes was a success, we are for sure going to have to take Elle Rae there again, she loved it. And she loved watching Jack walk all week, she wants to walk SO bad...probably wont be too much longer.

 She was a little upset about getting stuck in this lobster though, haha!

Then came the long awaited party, and if I do say so myself I think it turned out pretty dang cute...just sayin:)

The Party was planned for Monday, but last minute we had to change it to Tuesday...thanks Med School! Blah! So some of her friends didnt get to come because of it but it was still really fun.

I have been working on the pictures for this banner for a very long time and it felt SO good to finally get to make it!

Yes, I made this:)

Now the cake was SO awesome, I won it in an auction, and lucky for me my friend did such a great job! It really was the hit of the party.

I cant even believe she was so happy to play with these balloons because when I had her pictures done she was literally terrified of the balloons!

She is getting pretty good at standing. I am seriously IN LOVE with this party dress, every time I see it I just think of Baby Take a Bow.

Is that not the happiest birthday face you have ever seen, I love my baby girl she is the best!

Grandpa Frank did a pretty great job with her ball pit toy.

Now what this face is all about Im not exactly sure....haha

Time to blow out that well eared 1 candle! And I am such a dork, I pulled her out of her dress so she wouldnt get cake all over it, forgetting that she had to blow out her candle thats why she is naked. A little bummed out about that, would have been so much cuter in her party dress! Oh well, cant get everything right I guess.

YAY! we made it a whole year:)

She is so funny about having dirty hands....she hates it, as soon as I put the cake on her tray she just dug right in with her was pretty awesome.

The cake is amazing right?!

My brother Andrew and his family got to come also, it was great!

Sharing cake with grandpa

As you can see we had a lot of fun. We played in bubbles, in the balls, broke open the pinata and ate way too much cake and ice cream:) We really were so grateful to everyone who came and for everything Nellena Rae got, we did not imagine that! She is a very loved and spoiled little girl.

After the party we just kept on partying:) We played at the mall.....
 Made sock monkey hats, aren't they cute!...

Had lots of cousin baby talks...

And even went Ice Skating:)

Gobble Gobble! Turkey Time! I made my first pumpkin pie this year and made the crust out of cinnamon rolls...delicious! 

We went all out and made the whole dinner and everything was perfect! Well...I wont lie, the stuffing turned out a little dry but of all the things we could have messed up I think we did pretty good. Although I did break a lot of things in the process, really! I was SO clumsy that day I dont know what was wrong with me! First while doing dishes I set the lid to one of my pots on the counter....slid off and shattered! It was one of my favorite pans:( Then I ended up braking a vase and one of my picture frames that I took down for Elle Raes party, so I get another award for clumsiest person of the year!

Ha! I almost just wrote first Turkey dinner again, which I guess this is the first Turkey dinner she has actually eaten, but I keep doing that even with Christmas this year I keep thinking its her first...I guess since she was just SO little last year I dont know....anyways

Took a walk by the capital and let the babies go all over....

Struting their stuff on the rainbow bridge, they thought they were pretty cool:)

Iowa really has an awesome capital, so cool...someday we will actually tour it, it has been on our to do list for too long!

Playing in the Chinese Gardens...why Iowa has this Im not exactly sure haha.....

I love this picture with her Daddy:) It looks like she is saying Ta-Da!

Cannon Ball! Swimming at the Y, Nellena Rae loved it, Jack wasnt sure about it most of the time but he did finally start warming up towards the end.

After all the craziness, screaming, crying, laughs and fun they had to go home:( I hate whenever we go somewhere or someone comes to see us( which is not often!), having the party end. Yes it was a little crazy having two one year olds, but we had so much fun and my house is really too quite now. I dont know what I will do one day when I dont have kids anymore, ill probably go crazy. So to keep us from being sad, we busted out all the Christmas decorations and watched the Grinch! Nellena Rae loved sitting on her new couch.

And see she really is getting pretty good at standing:)