Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Half a Year Old!

Holy cow I can't believe Nellena Rae is half a year old today that is just crazy! It is also crazy that it has only taken us such a short amount of time to fall SO in love with that little girl. So I thought I would just talk a little about how much she has grown and all the things she can do now:) Every morning we wake up to her talking away at the pom poms hung above her bed. Then when you go in to get her she gives you the biggest smile and literally does a happy dance in her crib because she is so excited to see us. She has been trying out all kinds of new foods and loves it! And of coarse she loves watermelon, its the Rhindo blood in her. It is so fun to watch her try new things, she tried pears the other day and was not a fan. As soon as I put the spoon in her mouth her eyes watered up like she was eating a warhead or something haha, she can be a little dramatic about things sometimes. She is still a great sleeper and has been since she was 6 weeks. She sleeps all through the night which makes for a very happy momma:) We are currently working on her being able to sit up, notice in the picture, NO BUMBO! So she is doing pretty good, I did have to catch her a few times while taking these pictures but she is getting the hang of it. She loves the bath, she goes crazy in there and most times I end up soaking wet. She loves playing with us and laughing. Although lately, no one can make her laugh as hard a Colby does. Im not sure what she thinks is so funny about him but everytime he comes by her she just busts out laughing. She also has this new love of putting both of her hands on your face and just exploring, so of coarse she does this to Colby too but he is a good sport. Needless to say we have been having a blast watching that little girl grow and everyday is a new surprise. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Name Game

What to name it what to name it...so this is my first blog post and I thought before I started posting i should come up with a good name to fit our blog. I tossed around some ideas since everyone always has these cute names for their blogs and I came up with, "Making the Most of the Life We Have". Ill explain, when we got married my mom gave us this little stone.                                                                                                        

Ever since I have had it by our sink so that way I see it everyday and it really has become kind of our little motto. Especially since being students, and Medical students at that definitely means you cant have everything, so you have to learn to make the most of what you do have:) It has taught us to be very greatful and me to be more crafty haha. Needless to say thats the reason I named our blog that because we use this motto all the time when making decisions. Which sometimes is very hard to sacrifice when you see all these beautiful things you cant have on Pinterest:( But no worries, this time ive been checking out curtains for our house and seen all kinds on pinterest so I decided to take the boring curtains that have never been hung up and make them not so boring. Well at least one, I tried to dye some for our living room and it was a disaster! Everyone said to just dye them in the washer cause thats the easiest way, well this would probably be true if the washer didnt break while trying! I had to empty out a full washer with blue dye in it with a cup into a garbage can and then into the toilet. Pretty much that is the last time I try and dye something so if anyone has any other ideas let me know. But I did have one success, the curtain for my bedroom and not going to lie im a little in love with it.  
What do you think? I painted it with acrylic paint and I think it turned out just right. We are moving in a month so thats why I didnt hang it up but I cant wait to get it in my room! If you are interested in doing one similar I used foam brushes from the dollar store, tape to make the stripes straight and this stencil. Well dang now I cant find it but there are lots like it on pinterest:)  If find it later ill post it...Well Im out of time my baby is up and ready to eat so until next time!