Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Washcloth Soap Scrubby

Well I found this idea a few a days ago on pinterest and thought it was awesome but....of coarse it was one of the pins that doesn't link to anything. So I decided to make my own tutorial. It was perfect timing too because I have been wanting to switch to bars of soap because we go through body WAY too fast, my husband gets a little crazy in the soap department. I also loved the idea of being able to just trow these in the wash each week versus using a lufa. So I hope I give good instructions, they were super easy, please ask any questions that you have though!

1. Start off by folding the wash cloth in half and cut off about 2.5 inches on one side.

I put a piece from another washcloth on top to show you about how much to cut off and what it looks like.

2. Open the washcloth up with the wrong side facing you, in my case the side with the tag, and and sew a casing to put the string through. I used the side with the raw edge and folded mine down about 5/8 of an inch.

You can see how I made like a little tube.

3. Fold the washcloth back in half, right sides together, with the casing you just made at the top. Line the edges up the best you can and stitch around the bottom and up the side that is open. Stop your stitch right at the base of your casing, you dont want to sew the whole shut:) I re-enforced this spot a few times also since it will get lots of wear there pulling the strings.

4. Trim all of your strings and trim around the edge with scissors to take out some of the bulk.

5. Using the washcloth, measure your string(I used yarn) and give your self about and extra 4 inches. Then using a safety pin, weaving it through the yarn, thread the string through the casing and out the other side.

6. Now that the string is through the casing, tie the ends together with a double knot. Then work the knot back around into the casing so no one will see it:)

7. Turn your new scrubby right side out and TaDa!

I used a pack of washcloths from Wal-Mart, it was 18 for 4 bucks so you can beat that!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Night Eyes at the ZOO!
Well we had our first experience with Night Eyes, why its called that Im not really sure because they pretty much had all the animals put inside. So pretty much we just walked around and trick or treated, which was fine because Elle Rae cant eat the candy anyways so Tyler and I got to have it all:) We had a good time though and got to spend time with some good friends. We are kind of at the stage where its getting fun to do things like this with Elle Rae but I know it will get even better as she gets older and is able to do more activities. But for now she was just the cutest Lady Bug in the park! Another con I discovered about living somewhere cold though, since I grew up in Georgia and didnt have this problem, is that all the moms worked so hard on all of the costumes but just had to cover them up with lame coats:( Needless to say another reason we will for sure be settling somewhere warm when school is done! But i did manage to get a picture really fast of Nellena Rae's costume, im in love with it:)

As you can tell for me when I was deciding which boots to wear i thought to myself hmm The Zoo?....Duh! Zebra boots hahaha

And sorry about these pictures I dont know what happened with them I think my lense must have been foggy but it was dark so I couldnt tell....oh well they are still cute!

As you can tell though, sadly, Elle Rae wasnt loving it so much. It was getting close to bed time so we put her in the little play thing they had there to make her can see how well that worked.

So that was our Night Eyes adventure.

But the next day we went to the Pumpkin Patch and that experience was much better! For starters we got free Chick-fil-a coupons which hello is enough to make my week! It was out in a little town called Winterset about 45 minutes from our house and the drive was beautiful. So pretty to see all the green grass and fall colors and it was a much warmer day so that was a major plus. But then of coarse leave it to married life mis-communication to make the day interesting. So we were unloading the car when we got there which when you have a baby, that is quite the task, they come with a lot of baggage. So I went to get Elle Rae out of the back and I set the keys on the back seat, then Tyler locked the car the closed the door. Bam that was that, locked out! So after being frustrated for a few minutes and Tyler saying that he asked me if i had the keys and that I said yes, which who knows I probably did say that but moms are crazy and Im sure I didnt even know what he was talking about. So we didnt know what we were going to do about that yet but I decided we would just figure it out and we were not going to let it ruin our day. So what did we do? Have some fun at the Pumpkin Patch!

We rounded up a bunch of pumpkins for Elle Rae to play with and pushed her around in the wheel barrel. She was definitely a fan:) 

Then we just played around in them....

Check out that pose on, she cracks me up I love that little girl:)

Then we rode the Hay ride back over to get lost in the Corn Maze!

Tyler decided though since we were probably going to be done soon we should probably figure out what we were going to do about our while he went and took care of that Elle Rae and I went with our friends and got lost in the corn maze:) And leave it up to grad students following a map, to really get us lost, but it was fun. Tyler came and found us and he saved the day, twice actually, he showed us how to get out of the maze and he got the sheriff to come open our car YAY! So see the day wasnt ruined, I knew it would work out. We were just lucky to be in such a small town that the sheriff really didnt have anything else to do. When he got there Tyler was apologizing for wasting his time and he literally said "don't worry about it I had nothing to do!" Hahaha. So even though we were a little stressed about the car we had a great time!

And Nellena Rae even got to ride in a wagon, wheel barrel and a wagon in the same day she has fun parents;)

Then after the hard work of playing this was the result.....

We had a great day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That Time Again

Conference time again YAY! Conference is seriously the best. But this year was probably the best and most fun conference weekend we have had since we've been married. Not that we did anything grand or huge we just actually got to spend some family time together which is rare, sad but so true. I still am just in shock how nice it was to have Tyler around, just hanging out with us, not stressed it was fantastic! For anyone who has been through medical school that is also very rare. Saturday we watched both sessions of Conference and in between went to the mall. I dont know why but I love to just walk around the mall even if all I do is window shop and people watch. And of coarse while we were there we had to go into the Apple store and play with Iphones, which we will be getting on November 1st....but not that we are excited or counting or anything. 

Saturday night Tyler went to Priesthood session and I stayed home and had me a little girls night with a friend:) Then Sunday, oh my goodness I wish every Sunday could be a good as last Sunday. It was so nice not to have to go to church! Now I know what your thinking and that sounds horrible but it really was. I know everyone can relate to this but sometimes church is really hard and it is so nice to have a break. I really do love my calling and being uplifted in the lessons but sometimes a little change is so great! Our typical Sunday is non stop from the time we wake up til the time we go to bed. Get up, make breakfast, Elle Rae takes a nap, I hurry to get ready and finish whatever I need to for primary, she wakes up, get her ready, feed her lunch then run out the door. Then try to keep her happy during Sacrament,  teach my class, listen to Elle Rae scream in the hall cause she is so tired and cant take a nap. Now we are done right? Nope, come home, she falls asleep in the car in .5 seconds. Get home, make dinner, home teachers come over and then we can finally start winding down. Is anyone exhausted from reading that? Because its really exhausting to do all of that, and trust me I know thats how it is for everyone but really sometimes its just not that much fun. So instead of all that, we got to stay home in our jammies and  watch Conference:) Elle Rae was happy all day! That was a  nice change:)   

See what I mean?!

Then we even got to take a drive to the lake and enjoy all of the beautiful fall colors, doesnt that sound so much better! Don't take this the wrong way, because I really do enjoy going to church but it was just really nice to get a break:) 

She has never really worn a coat before so she kept licking the zipper trying to figure it out

If you can tell she is wearing gloves, so pretty much she would not move her arms. So this is her trying to keep her cracker in with no hands, it was pretty funny to watch ha!

This is where the lake come out and there are TONS of fish in here. People were throwing these net down and pulling them up full of fish it was really fun to watch.

Of coarse the highlight of the day for Tyler was finally getting over his fear to catch a crawdad ahhaha!

After the last session we finished off the night at our house watching a movie with some friends.
Needless to say we had a great weekend and an ever better Sunday:)