Monday, August 12, 2013

Land that I love!

Well I pretty much have decided I am terrible at blogging. Im just really slow at it so pretty much I am way behind. Another problem I am having, not that Im complaining about it is that Tyler is always around now. For the last two years he has been studying every night and that has been my blogging, editing and crafting that he is just home at night and not studying and im not sure where to fit it all in? Oh well I guess there is a season for everything right? Anyways on to trying to catch up. I guess Ill start with the 4th of July. It turns out this 4th of July was our first 4th just as our own little family. Every year so far we have  been with one or the others family. I thought for a little bit I might be a little sad or feel like we were missing the party but honestly I loved it. We really did have a great 4th of July. Much more layed back then when you have a big crowd, it was kind of nice. We went to one of our favorite parks, Racoon River Park, and played on the beach and went swimming in the morning. We actually ended up running into friends there which made it even better. In our family we LOVE swimming, any day, so all were happy:)

After lots of playing in the sand and soaking up some sun....oh ya and Elle Rae getting taken out by a beach umbrella.....kinda crazy. We headed home and all tooks naps:) Naps on the 4th???? Yes it was so nice! After naps we headed out to a BBQ with some good friends and as usual on any holiday ate WAY too much food. Nellena Rae had a ball playing with all the "Big" girls.

She loves playing with kids that are older than her and trying to be big like them. She tries so hard! One day right! Right now Im ok with her not being big:)

Our Corn baby:)

Yes she tried to climb in there with her...

Nothing like a root beer float on a hot day!

That night we went back to Raccon River Park for the firework show. And I must say it was THE LAMEST firework show music and they literally shot them off One. At. A. Time. and it was an hour long.

If it hadnt been for Elle Rae I dont think we would have made it. She was ecstatic!  All of her ooo's and aahh's and giggles and cheering made it the best show ever!

Everyone around us was entertained by her. Now you ask did I get all that cuteness on camera?! NOPE! Dumb mom moment. I read all these blogs  beforehand and was all excited to finally get nice pictures of fireworks. So the whole time she was being cute here I am taking my pictures and missing the real moment:( Dumb. Live and learn I guess. And as you can see my pictures didnt even turn out that great, what a waste! We also thought Elle Rae would for sure pass out on the way home....not a chance. She laughed the whole way home so the fireworks were a success that girl was not even a little bit scared. So other than the no video thing I couldnt have been happier with our 4th turned out!

God Bless America!
The end:)

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