Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time For Therapy.

It all started when we finally got our long awaited spring break...although it was mostly like a winter break for how cold it was. Last year in Iowa the winter really wasn't too bad but this year has just been a whole different animal. So after pretty much having to scrap our spring break wish list of places and things to do....we decided it was time for some therapy. Where can you get palm trees and humidity in the dead of winter in the midwest?? Hmm....the Botanical Gardens:) Ahh....it was so nice. We didnt really know we were in for a therapy session but lets just say it was the best five bucks we have spent in a long time! Another plus, I got to really bust out my camera for the first time....and I went a little crazy:)

I dont know why but I have this thing for little delicate flowers, I just love them.

Look at all that green and those smiles...we really needed this!

There was the prettiest little river that ran all through the gardens and we found us some friends...

Im not sure why I was so excited about this little orange tree but it really was probably my favorite part.

Ran into this big guy on our way up the stairs...really, you had to duck to get around it.

The stairs have become a new adventure for us lately...you really learn to slow down when you have a toddler but it really is the best:)

Success! Made it to the bottom.

What a model right! haha its almost impossible these days to get a picture of her smiling or making a normal face.

She loves being goofy with Daddy.

It really was so nice....and dont judge my pictures too hard like I said this was pretty much my first rodeo:)

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