Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Fine Day

And when I say that I literally mean ONE FINE DAY...cause all the rest of our days have been yuck! I guess we are just getting the wrath of Iowa this year because this same time last year I specifically remember being outside in shorts and a T-shirt, not so much this year. Anyways, I saw on the forecast that it was going to be near 60 one day and I said to myself we are getting outside no matter what! And we did and it was SO fabulous. Nellena Rae did not even know what to do with herself so I will warn you ahead of time both her and her friend Austin were far too busy to have anytime to look at the camera....oh well! We even got to play on the playground, although I didnt get any pictures of that. If you have ever played with a one year old on the playground you know it is a race to see how fast they can get to the slide and almost kill their there is no time for pictures:)

One of my favorite...and least favorite things about toddlers is all the things they like to explore. This patio for example, I have no idea who it belongs to but oh well, they made their selves right at home playing peek a boo with each other.

Then they decided to try out the up and down they went, over and over...

After that, Nellena Rae made her way over to another patio belonging to someone else we dont know to do the very important job of moving cinder blocks.

After all her hard work, where one toddler goes the other must follow:) on to more adventures! 

Their findings were sweet:) Who doesnt love splashing through puddles!? Well I quickly learned how much Elle Rae does....she has done this many times since also. Needless to say I think some rain boots are in order:)

And Austin found himself a Tractor...all little boys heaven:)

It really was one fine day:)

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